Survive and Thrive: Build Your Future in the Unforgiving Undead Horizon!

At Undead Horizon, our mission is to immerse players in a terrifying world of survival and adventure amidst a zombie apocalypse. We aim to provide an immersive experience, challenging players to utilize their skills, strategies, and courage to survive against unthinkable threats.

Through deep storylines, stunning visuals, and engaging gameplay, we aim to bring together a community of survivors who support, compete, and collaborate to restore the world and survive.

The game introduces a groundbreaking economy through its in-game cryptocurrency, Epidemic Coin,enabling players to engage in trade, forge alliances, or betray one another for profit. With every encounter, players must decide whether to collaborate for survival.

Our mission is to create a platform where adventurers from around the globe come together to prove that even amid darkness, hope and courage prevail, all powered by the innovative use of Epidemic Coin cryptocurrency


Q1 - 2024 : Preparing for Launch

Game Concept and Teasers:

Announce the zombie game concept and generate interest through teasers.

Provide a brief overview of how crypto will be integrated into the game.

Presale Announcement:

Officially announce the presale of exclusive in-game items, characters, or early access passes.

Mention plans for listing the native cryptocurrency on popular exchanges post-launch.

Q2 - 2024 : Presale Launch

Presale Period:

Open the presale period, allowing players to purchase Epidemic coins using fiat currency or popular cryptocurrencies.

Offer limited edition NFTs, early access passes, or other attractive items as incentives.

Presale Rewards and Bonuses:

Reward early presale participants with additional in-game assets, special skins, or exclusive items.

Announce that presale participants will receive a bonus upon the native cryptocurrency listing on exchanges

Q3 - 2024 : Initial Crypto Integration

Beta Game Launch and Basic Mechanics:

Release the basic version of the zombie game without crypto integration.

Introduce players to the storyline, characters, and basic gameplay mechanics.

Crypto Wallet Integration:

Integrate a basic crypto wallet system into the game.

Allow players to create an in-game wallet to store and manage their crypto assets.

Native Token Introduction:

Launch a native in-game cryptocurrency Epidemic coins that players can earn through achievements, completing missions, and surviving zombie attacks.

Player-Owned Assets:

Allow players to own and trade in-game assets as NFTs.

Enable the transfer of ownership using the native cryptocurrency.

Native Cryptocurrency Dex Listing:

List the native cryptocurrency on selected dex.

Q4 - 2024 : Crypto Economy Expansion & Exchange Listing and full launch

Marketplace Implementation:

Introduce an in-game marketplace where players can buy and sell virtual items using the native cryptocurrency.

Include unique weapons, skins, and other customization options.

NFT Integration:

Introduce Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) tied to rare in-game items, characters, or locations.

Allow players to trade these NFTs within the game.

Crypto Rewards for Achievements:

Implement crypto rewards for completing challenging in-game achievements.

Encourage players to explore different aspects of the game to earn more crypto rewards.

Presale Item Distribution:

Distribute exclusive presale items to players who participated.

Ensure a seamless integration of these items into the game.

Native Cryptocurrency Listing Preparation:

Begin the process of preparing documentation, compliance checks, and required materials for listing the native cryptocurrency on exchanges

Native Cryptocurrency Exchange Listing:

List the native cryptocurrency on selected exchanges.

Communicate the listing to the community and acknowledge the support of presale participants.

Exchange Listing Promotions:

Conduct promotional activities around the exchange listing, such as trading competitions or exclusive rewards for users trading the native cryptocurrency.

Launch game

Q1 - 2025 : Community Engagement and Events

PvP Tournaments and Challenges:

Host PvP tournaments and community challenges with special rewards, including exclusive items or increased crypto rewards.

DAO Activation:

Activate the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) and involve presale participants in decision-making processes using their native cryptocurrency holdings.

Q2 - 2025: Crypto Economy Expansion

Marketplace Expansion:

Introduce additional in-game items to the marketplace, including those exclusive to presale participants.

Promote ongoing trade and transactions using the native cryptocurrency.

NFT Integration and Exclusive Drops:

Continue introducing NFTs tied to rare in-game items, characters, or locations.

Organize periodic exclusive NFT drops, providing scarcity and value to the items.

Q3 - 2025: Advanced Crypto Features and Endgame

Player-Owned Assets and Governance:

Enable the ownership and trade of in-game assets as NFTs, with early access or exclusive benefits for presale participants.

Incorporate the presale community in governance decisions using their holdings.

Endgame Content and Challenges:

Develop challenging endgame content with unique rewards for presale participants.

Continue hosting events with crypto prizes for ongoing engagement.

Q4 - 2025 : Continuous Improvement and Feedback (Ongoing)

Regular Updates and Expansions:

Plan regular updates and expansions to introduce new content, crypto-related features, and challenges.

Acknowledge and reward the ongoing support of presale participants.

Feedback Channels:

Maintain open channels for presale participants to provide feedback on crypto features, overall gameplay, and the exchange listing experience.


Epidemic coin (EDC)

Total Supply 1,000,000,000

Token Distribution


This allows early investors to get in on the ground floor and secure their investment..


This ensures there's enough liquidity in the market for smooth trading and make sure that the launch price is bigger than the presale price.


Our marketing budget is carefully allocated to ensure maximum visibility and engagement. This includes promoting our project on social media platforms, sponsoring relevant events and conferences, collaborating with influencers, and launching targeted advertising campaigns. Through this strategic allocation of resources, we aim to expand our reach, attract new community members, and increase awareness of our project.


Games should incorporate robust reward mechanisms that acknowledge and compensate players for their achievements. This could include in-game currencies for buying rare items, or other valuable assets within the game.


Staking our crypto helps secure and stabilize the network while earning rewards for our involvement. It strengthens the blockchain infrastructure and promotes decentralization while also providing a passive income stream for long-term investments.


Allocating funds for recruitment is vital for our project's advancement. By hiring skilled individuals, we enhance our team's capabilities and foster innovation. Each new member contributes to a diverse environment, ensuring we're well-equipped to tackle challenges and achieve our goals.

Buy & Sell Tax:

Buy and sell taxes are just another way for betas to control your hard-earned gains. It's a total buzzkill for alpha investors, that’s why taxes on Epidemic coin are 0%.

Advisors & Ambassador Program:

Allocating funds to Advisors & Ambassador Program is essential for leveraging expertise and expanding our project's reach. Advisors provide valuable guidance and industry insights, while ambassadors help promote our project and engage with the community. Investing in these programs trengthens our network, enhances credibility, and fosters sustainable growth.


Current Stage

Stage 1

Available Supply


Next Stage Price

0.0000055 ETH

Token Sold



ETH 0.000003 = 1 EDC

Amount Of ETH

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